Thursday, 3 July 2014

Let's decorate the Avengers bathroom

So many little boys love Avengers and wants to be like them! So let's decorate the Avengers bathroom for all the Avengers fans, little or grown-ups.

Funny bathroom art is what I reccomend for your downstairs bath decor:

Source: pinterest

Avengers Group Shower Curtains from Cafepress, it comes in one size 69"*70", 100% softened polyester, like here

Avengers bathmat for 29 USD, measures 24"*17", highly durable, soft, cushiony memory foam bath mat, slip resistant rubber base for safety from Cafepress

And now let's choose the best Avengers beach bath cotton towel from Amazon

The folding potty seat could be from Avengers?! Yes, buy it from Amazon 

And if you want that your little man to feel like a real Avengers hero, choose Marvel the Avengers bath&body set from Amazon, only a few left in stock. It includes shower gel, hair gel, body spray, a bag tag and a carrying case like here:

Will you choose to decorate your toddler bathroom with the Avengers bathroom?!

Note: Thank you to all my visitors for buying from Amazon through my ads, you all are helping me to pay my breast cancer treatment and keeping a healthy diet.

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